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Welcome to the Chernobyl Disaster, your online source for accurate information and advice about the 1986 Chernobyl accident. With more and more people wanting to learn about the Chernobyl disaster and the effects it had on the people and the environment, our site was created to provide them with all information they need to understand the Chernobyl event and avoid such disasters in other nuclear power plants around the world.

The Chernobyl Disaster Mission

Located in Ukraine, the Chernobyl Disaster is your one-stop source for Chernobyl disaster and local Ukraine news, information and historical facts. We look at how the Chernobyl event changed the face of the Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Here at the Chernobyl Disaster, we have made it our mission to provide the relevant, interesting, up-to-date information our readers’ need and the professional service and support they want.

Pripyat amusement park, ferris wheel Pripyat

Ferris wheel Pripyat Chernobyl in Amusement park

From explaining what the Chernobyl accident was and where it happened, to discussing the harmful effects it had and even offering a timeline of the event itself, the Chernobyl Disaster has you covered. We help our readers learn more about the Chernobyl disaster and give them the accurate, up-to-date information they can depend on. Our exclusive article, 25 Facts about Chernobyl and video footage of the disaster have received thousands of views online and are the topic of discussion in many historical group meetings.

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