Nuclear power

Nuclear power pros and cons

Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons

Nuclear energy is the energy, which is released when atomic nucleus is disrupted. It can be used for obtaining electricity as a result of a controlled chain rea...
Facts about nuclear energy

Nuclear Energy Basics

Energy created via nuclear reaction is called nuclear energy. There are two main types of nuclear reactions - fission and fusion. Fission releases nuclear energ...
Dropping of the atomic bomb

10 Powerful Atomic Bomb

On the 30th of October, 1961, Russians blew up the biggest atomic bomb - The Tsar Bomb. It was designed to be powerful as 100 mega tons of TNT, but some problem...
Fukushima nuclear accident

The Japanese Nuclear Crisis – Fukushima

March 11, 2011. This is a date the world will hopefully never forget. Why hopefully? Because it is the day when Mother Earth noted us to watch out, that we have...
What is nuclear medicine

What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Some diagnostic tests and treatment necessitate the administration of nuclear medicine. As part of the diagnostic or treatment procedures, the medicine help...
Nuclear waste

Nuclear waste problems

Perhaps the biggest challenge of nuclear power in general is waste management. Spent fuel is extremely dangerous, and there is no quick and easy way to clea...
Nuclear plant

Nuclear power plant: how does it works

Nuclear reactor is a device, where a controlled nuclear reaction can be initiated and used for different purposes. This device is mainly used for producing elec...
US nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants in US

Nuclear Power Plants in AmericaNuclear power plants in America are working due to overall 99 reactors that emerge (according to net summer capacity info) abou...
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