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Chernobyl catfish – a unique animal, generated by radiation

For some animals, radiation in Chernobyl has become disastrous, others have presented a new look. Look at how much the Chernobyl catfish have changed after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster.

chernobyl catfish

chernobyl mutations fish

wels catfish chernobyl

chernobyl mutant fish

catfish chernobyl

chernobyl catfish river monsters

catfish in chernobyl

river monsters chernobyl catfish

giant catfish chernobyl

chernobyl giant catfish

chernobyl animal mutations fish

chernobyl diaries mutant fish

chernobyl wels catfish

catfish chernobyl cooling pond

river monsters chernobyl catfish full episode

chernobyl mutated catfish

chernobyl mutant catfish

pripyat catfish

monster catfish chernobyl

mutant catfish chernobyl

Another photo with mutations in Chernobyl look on a separate page of the site.

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