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Chernobyl now: pictures of Chernobyl in our days

Chernobyl is the place where time has stopped. Just a few minutes decided the fate of thousands of people and the promising Soviet city of Pripyat. The pictures show how Chernobyl looks now.

Pripyat, Chernobyl now pictures

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Photo of a chair against the background of a residential building

The famous hotel in Chernobyl - pictures

Everything in Chernobyl remains the same - pictures

the operating room in the hospital of Chernobyl, photo and video

Medications, photo

Photos of the devastation in Chernobyl, made by time

Things of local people, pictures

Photo of an unknown room

Photo inside the premises of one of the buildings in Chernobyl

Photos of local buildings

From the explosion in Chernobyl, the forest was also severely damaged. Today this forest is called Red.

Chernobyl Tours

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