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Pictures of the Chernobyl reactor inside and out

We propose to look into the very epicenter of the 1986 nuclear catastrophe. See how the Chernobyl reactor looked before the explosion and what became of it now.

chernobyl strain pictures

Photo of the control room of the exploding reactor number 4

Photo of the dark room of the nuclear power plant

chernobyl nuclear plant pictures

Photo of the Soviet military facility next to the 4 reactor

chernobyl reactor #4 ukraine pictures

Radar complex Doug in Chernobyl, photo

chernobyl nuclear meltdown pictures

chernobyl nuclear power plant photos

chernobyl reactor pictures

nuclear chernobyl pictures

chernobyl nuclear pictures

chernobyl core pictures

Photo of the room leading to the 4 reactor

chernobyl plant pictures

Secret object in Chernobyl on photo

Scattered electronic parts, photo

photos of chernobyl reactor

Take a look at how the explosion of the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant affected local animals and people.

Chernobyl Tours

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