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Life in Chernobyl after tragedy: what happened to the people

How many people were affected by Chernobyl?

What happened to the people of Chernobyl? The scientists have registered different numbers of Chernobyl people affected because of the catastrophe: from 30 to 800 thousand people. Moreover, another 3.5 million population presumably are seriously ill.

In fact, how many people affected by Chernobyl? The committee registered 134 people from Chernobyl, which have acute radiation malady. Twenty-eight persons (from 134) perished in the first two months after the crash. In addition, more 14 men died for various reasons in next years. It is all victims, according to official data!



Many humans bought dosimeters syne the crash happened. They take it everywhere: check the quality of products and the air that they breathe. Therefore, in the twentieth century, there is a new disease – Radiophobia. This phobia underpins:

  • The false information from the part of administrative authorities.
  • The illiteracy of information about radiation medicine that media print.

Some experts argue: the dose, which the people of Chernobyl area got, is a little higher than the natural background radiation. The humankind lives in this natural irradiation for billions of years. The average background radiation on the planet constitutes 2.4 millisieverts per year.

There are areas in India, the United States, where the humans reside in the natural background. However, this fond exceeds the norm in the tens of times! The radioactive elements contained in soil and rocky soil and the particles from space – all these things form the natural background.

Perhaps, the scholars take into consideration these facts while they ruminate on the question when can people live in Chernobyl. The researchers seriously think that people living in Chernobyl previously will colonize again this terrain in 5-20 years.

A quarter of a century ago, there were 2500 settlements in the 3rd – 4th zones was. The Commission did not allow there anything to grow and produce. Today, the number of such settlements consist only 250. In obedience to this affirmation, do people live in Chernobyl?


Do people live in Chernobyl?

Let us discuss the topic “Are there people living in Chernobyl?” in form of question – answer.

Do people still live in Chernobyl? Yes, they do. It is mostly elderly inhabitants.

      1. How many people live in Chernobyl? There are 200 Chernobyl people today in the alienation area. Half of them reside in Chernobyl, and the other half – in the southern regions.
      2. Why does government not evacuate these people after Chernobyl crash? At first, they did not want to leave their households or returned later. Nowadays, the stress, which they will receive from the relocation, will be much worse for their health. In comparison with the fact that they stay in the restricted area.
      3. Can people visit Chernobyl relatives or their former homes? Yes, they can. The relatives of residents may arrive at them. In addition, a person has the possibility to attend prior habitation. The administration permits to remain but not more than 5 days.
      4. Can people go to Chernobyl on the permanent residence? Thirty-five persons asked permission to resettle on the Chernobyl lands. The officials emphasize that they will not give them such authorization earlier than 20 years. The committee will regard them as self-settlers in the event of relocation. The migrants will receive a penalty of 400 hryvnias.

Notwithstanding, many of those who want to return, they just have nowhere to go. Their dwellings are either fall apart or the serving personnel occupies it. However, according to words of people still living in Chernobyl: “If you wish to acquire real estate at Chernobyl, it is possible. Many properties are sold here.”

For example, the owner – of the well-preserved brick house with all facilities and with homestead land near the Chernobyl center – secretly asks about 500 dollars. Moreover, only 12 people are the legal proprietor of their house. The rest residents were deprived of this right by getting the housing outside the restricted zone as the compensation.

Therefore, the possessor will not be able to live there even buying a house. In addition, social services forcibly evicted these daredevils from the ground of alienation. So, there are Chernobyl people living there illegally. However, when Chernobyl people could say that they are legitimate

How much time will it take that people in Chernobyl become legal and permanent residents again?

There are multiple of replies. It depends on what kind of life it means including such points of view:

      • the agricultural activities;
      • the dose rate;
      • the categories of the population;
      • the restriction and the control.

Ergo, it is necessary to consider these aspects in more detail. Scientifically, the area of alienation (some southern lands) has long been possible to conduct certain types of farming. Of course, it performs without some harm to public lustiness. Though:

      1. Firstly, the permanent radiation monitoring must accompany such farm activities.
      2. Secondly, it should include a whole range of countermeasures. These measures reduce the intake of radionuclides in the human body and the dose loads.
      3. Thirdly, because of the derelict settlements for the past years, a complete infrastructure has to be rebuilt.

Another aspect of this problem – radiation doses. Now the emitting conditions of the Chernobyl zone are not equal to the indicators of 15-18 years ago. They are in hundreds, thousands of times more favorable than earlier. However, it is the external radiation doses. But, the man will live and work on the ground:

      • to plow, to sow, to harvest, to pick mushrooms and berries;
      • to hunt wild animals, to grow livestock, to fish, to engage in beekeeping, etc.

This activity will lead to the formation of considerable internal radiation emanation. They are not safe for humans.

The third aspect concerns the different category of the population. For the adult population, the radiation standards are more lenient, for children – more stringent. Life without children is possible now (in large part of the terrain). Nevertheless, a society without children – it is an artificial creation.

The fourth side – an important issue will play the restriction and the control of the vital functions. Accidental fires, unauthorized use of the land and the unsanctioned movement on the territory can create the trouble. Chernobyl area – is an object organized for specific goals and objectives.

When will people be able to live in Chernobyl?

The scientists have different opinions about is it possible to settle in the zone of alienation. According to the calculations, the humans can colonize the southern suburbs via 20 years. Already now, there are relatively clean areas, but with certain “spots” of radiation.

Chernobyl people dwell and (for example) do not walk in the woods for berries. Is it possible for the people who live in Chernobyl zone? Noteworthy that the men cannot move to permanent residence on the entire territory now.

The officials noted that the exclusion zone occupies 2 million square kilometers today. From these areas, they can return 200-300 square kilometers to the public use. A little bit later, the experts will allow to plant industrial crops and to build structures for the generation of electricity there. Nonetheless, 100 square kilometers remain forever inviolate.

Meanwhile, the enthusiasts suggest developing the tourism in the area:

  1. the extreme,
  2. the industrial,
  3. the ecological,
  4. the game,
  5. the photo-safari, etc.

The designer has created a project of the revitalization of Chernobyl zone. It offers to build in the area of the tourist infrastructure. For example, the monorail road with four stations – from southeast to the west. Each station will have its own unique feature:

  • In “Casino” station will be a car park, a river port and the gaming industry.
  • In Chernobyl – Park Museum.
  • In Ilintsy – the offices of travel companies.

In addition, the architect plans to place the hotels designed for short-stay tourists. All designed infrastructure intended approximately for 2000 persons.

In conclusion, tempted to say that it is high time to consider the Chernobyl zone:

  1. without any desire to “wipe out” it from face of Earth,
  2. without the temptation to remake or return to the past.

If competently and intelligently approach to solving this problem, this area will be useful in several ways:

  • ecological,
  • economical,
  • educational and enlightening,
  • esthetic.

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