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Day trips from Hiroshima

Many modern tourists, who are searching for an unusual place to see quite often decide on visiting Hiroshima, Japan. This place is famous for its tasty yet spicy traditional food, contrast of busy downtown buildings and traditional Japanese huts. Also tourists love this place for its rich history, which dates back to 16th century and architectural sights. Here you will find many distinctive Japanese temples, museums and exhibitions, parks and waterfalls, and much more.

day_trips_from_hiroshima1When you travel to Hiroshima, it is impossible to omit visiting Hiroshima peace site, where the tourists are welcome to see the A-Bomb museum and take pictures of the A-Bomb Dome from different angles. Besides, there are many exciting day trips from Hiroshima to choose among.

When planning your Hiroshima travel event, do not forget to visit these outstanding sights:

  • Hiroshima Park, which is especially attractive in spring, when the cherry trees are in blossom;day_trips_from_hiroshima2
  • Hiroshima Museum, which will show you the outcome of the A-bomb explosion in the city;
  • The Peace Bell, which looks very distinctive and encourages visitors to pray for peace all over the world. By the way, its sound is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Japan;
  • Tomonura Port, a beautiful place to enjoy piece and sea sound.

Also, you are welcome to refer to any Hiroshima travel guide, available online, or you may purchase one locally. This way, you will learn not only the basic Hiroshima tourist information, but will have an idea of the Hiroshima events, which will take place at the time of your trip. Here are some ideas to consider for your Hiroshima tour:

  1. Memorial Ceremony (August, 6th) is the day to commemorate the victims of the A-Bomb and pray for peace;day_trips_from_hiroshima6
  2. Local Flower Festival (May 3-5) takes place in the Memorial Park, and is a beautiful event to see;
  3. The First Friday in June is the day of the Mikawa-cho ceremony;
  4. Sake Festival, which takes place in the beginning of October in Sajito;
  5. Ebisu Festival is another of notable Hiroshima events worth being seen (November 18-20).

Is Hiroshima safe to visit?

Many tourists, who think of Hiroshima visit, tend to ask this question. The short answer is – yes, it is safe. To get the long and more detailed answer and completely understand, whether it is safe to stay for some time in the city, which was once bombed with nuclear weapon, let us consider certain basic physics and chemical facts.

day_trips_from_hiroshima7Due to the fact, that the atom bomb had exploded way above the ground, and did not get stuck in soil before it exploded. This happened due to a barometer trigger mechanism, built into the bomb. That is why, the majority of the radioactive elements got released in the air, and did not get deep into the ground.

By means of wind, clouds and certain other factors, the remains of radionuclide, which were not received by the victims immediately at the time of the explosion, were simply withdrawn by the environmental factors. So if you still think on the question, is it safe to travel to Hiroshima, think of more than a million of citizens, who live here.

day_trips_from_hiroshima8Levels of cancer and natural radiation here are at the same level, as in many other cities worldwide, which have never faced any nuclear attack. Besides, many people from all over the world come to Hiroshima in terms of employment, and tend to stay in the city due to high life level here.

So, is it safe to visit Hiroshima? The answer is 100% positive. Besides, it is very good for your health to take a trip to the city with a big river in the middle. And, you will breathe that salty sea air, and may even take a Hiroshima walking tour to enjoy parks, castles and small local streets, which still have got that spirit of old good times.

Day trips from Hiroshima: places to see

If you are thinking of Hiroshima travel, and are thinking over the Hiroshima tour options, there are many sights, located slightly away from the city itself. Let us consider some variants of exciting day trips from Hiroshima, which will provide unforgettable emotions and many beautiful pictures.day_trips_from_hiroshima9

Iwakuni. Here you may see a famous Kintai Bridge, and that famous castle, which was established by the Iwakuni han. It was built during the Edo period of the Japanese history, and today is a popular sight. It is located at the top of the mount, and provides truly beautiful sight for your pictures, and trails to hike. Kintai Bridge is built across the Nishiki River, and was established back in 1673. Its construction employs five arches, which are the known as the symbol of the Honshu island.

day_trips_from_hiroshima10To spice up your Hiroshima travel with the tastes of local rice wine, you may want to visit one of the city suburbs, Sajito. Here the visitors are welcome to taste rice drinks, made in the local breweries. Besides, the travelers are welcome to choose from a variety of tours to the breweries. And if you want to take something as a souvenir from here, a wooden sake cup is a good choice.

day_trips_from_hiroshima11If you want to diversify your Hiroshima city tour with salty sea breeze and awesome pictures of old Japanese port, you may go to travel to the South East of Hiroshima. Here you are welcome to visit the port of Tomonoura. It is located in the city of Fukuyama, and is more than 1000 years old. Here you may walk along the coastlines, step on old wooden piers and enjoy sounds of sea.

day_trips_from_hiroshima12Can you visit Hiroshima is summer? If so, you have to plan a day trip to Matsuyama Island, which is famous for beautiful view and plenty of citrus trees on it. Add up your travel experience with sweet and sour taste of purely Japanese fruits and drinks.

Hiroshima travel guide: less popular but still inspiring places to see

If you are planning a tour, Hiroshima offers a variety of sights, related with the A-Bomb blast, which took place here back in 1945. And if that is exactly what you are interested in, you will certainly spend days investigating museums, exhibitions and monuments, related with this event. But what should one do, if the Hiroshima trip in such case lacks some positive and natural moments?

In this case, when you travel, Hiroshima itself, as a city, may be left slightly behind, and you may take a day trip to view something completely different. Here are some ideas on what to see.

  • day_trips_from_hiroshima13To enjoy distinctive Japanese nature, you may go to Okayama. This city is well-known for the Korakuen garden. It is one of the three most beautiful landscape parks in Japan, and is a great place for a walk. The city itself also has rich history, which dates back to the Edo era. Right across the garden you will see another sight, Okayama castle, which is a place of local fairy tale about the Peach Boy, or Momotaro.
  • day_trips_from_hiroshima14If you go to East from Hiroshima, you will soon come to Kurashiki, which is located only 17 km away from Okayama. The place is popular for the Bikan quarter, which still has got buildings, which were preserved from the Edo period. Besides, here you may visit the Museum of art and take marvelous pictures, which will reveal that old Japanese temper.
  • day_trips_from_hiroshima15Another idea for your Hiroshima trip is Takamatsu. This place is also a part of famous travel routes and local tourism, Hiroshima is located not that far, so it is a great idea for a one-day trip. The city is the heart of the smallest Japanese prefecture, and is famous for a beautiful garden, Ritsurin Koen. Here you will also enjoy sea and river views and may take a ferry trip.

Local cuisine: what to try to be impressed

As a part of Hiroshima tourism, the visitors are recommended to try out the local cuisine, in order to fully enjoy their stay in this city. On spot, you will find a variety of cafes, small restaurants and street food facilities to order food. For every tourist, it is a good idea to order something, which is cooked right in front of you. This way you will truly understand what you eat, and the way the locals cook. Here are some dishes you should definitely try out when you are in Hiroshima.

day_trips_from_hiroshima16Hiroshimayaki, also sometimes referred to as Okonomiyaki, is truly the pride of this Japanese city. The dish itself may not be found in the other cities, away from Hiroshima. The dish contains layered ingredients, such as cabbage and onion, and the rest may be tailored to your specific taste on spot. The spiciness also varies upon the order.

day_trips_from_hiroshima17Also, Hiroshima is famous for their oysters. They are as fresh as nowhere else, as the city is one of the largest exporters of this seafood. And it is a must to try out raw oysters here at least once. However, you may go with baked, boiled or fried oysters as well.
Hiroshima is famous for their saltwater eels, locally called Anago. Also you may want to call this sea delicacy as Unagi. These are very soft in texture, and are not oily. And, Hiroshima is famous for this dish, so it is the best place to try it out.

day_trips_from_hiroshima19Let’s talk a bit about drinks. In Hiroshima you may order that traditional rice wine, sake. Do you know why you should do that specifically in this city? Hiroshima is in the list of three major producers of this drink in Japan, and the product is valued for its purely traditional taste. Besides, due to soft water used in production, the taste is way smoother, than the ones in the other provinces.

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