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Top-10 Hiroshima hotels and more

When planning your trip to this Japanese city, it is always a good idea to think on where to stay in Hiroshima. Of course, there are numerous Hiroshima hotels to choose among. Though, prices, locations and services certainly vary from place to place. And, when choosing Hiroshima accommodation to stay in during your trip, you have to consider the factors, which are crucial personally for you:hiroshima_hotels1

  • Prices;
  • Location;
  • Included services;
  • Booking services;
  • Availability to sign at the time you need;
  • Transfer from airport, etc.

hiroshima_hotels2There are many places to stay in Hiroshima, and the prices vary from $17 to several hundred dollars per night. And it’s only up to you to decide, what is the best place to stay in Hiroshima for you, as the hotel you will finally select has to perfectly meet your travel plan and own expectations. We’ve done some research for you and selected top-10 hotels, worth being considered, when you are looking for accommodation in Hiroshima.

Sheraton Grand Hiroshima

This hotel is rated at five stars, and is extremely popular among the travelers. It is located in just one minute walk from the railway station of Hiroshima. Book a room service is available on-line and via the phone. Among the hotel services, there are:hiroshima_hotels4

  1. 4 restaurants;
  2. Fitness center;
  3. Four restaurants;
  4. Free Wi-Fi.

Every apartment has got everything needed for luxury stay. There you will find a fridge, AC, a flat-screened TV and much more. The bathroom already has got everything needed for comfortable stay. It will take you only 10 minutes to drive from your Hiroshima accommodation here to the Memorial park. And the way to the Hiroshima castle will take around 5 minutes. According to the numerous visitors’ reviews, this is the best area to stay in Hiroshima.

hiroshima_hotels3Comparing price and services included into it, it is fair to rank this hotel as number one in our list. The prices per room here are around $250 and up. Though, you may choose the room type and services you need in the process of booking. Hiroshima with all its sights will be seen from the window of your room. To conclude, this place is truly one of the best Hiroshima hotels, available today.

Hotel Sunroute

In case you are searching for a truly luxury accommodation (Hiroshima), you should definitely consider the Hotel Sunroute. Its name says much for itself: this place is tailored for perfect tourists’ stay and has got everything you may need to truly evaluate local hospitability.

hiroshima_hotels5The hotel is rated at five stars, and has got 283 rooms on the board. It is located at the Peace Boulevard, Hiroshima. Book a room here, and you will be able to cancel the order, if needed, with no extra fee within a pre-specified period of time. Among the other hotels in Hiroshima, this place deserves special attention.

The first bonus you notice as soon as take a look from the window. You will have that magnificent view to the Memorial Park and the river of Motoyasu. Everyone is welcome to benefit from free Wi-Fi access, which is available in every apartment. If you go with this accommodation in Hiroshima, you will have a chance to live right in the heart of this distinctive Japanese city. The other services include:

  • A bar;
  • 2 restaurants (Japanese and Italian cuisine);
  • Massage;
  • 24/7 check-in service;
  • Souvenir store;
  • Press delivery.

hiroshima_hotels6The prices per room here start at $100 per person, and vary depending on the services you select. Among Hiroshima hotels, this place is valued for comfort and excellent view.

Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel

This is one of the most architecturally distinctive Hiroshima hotels, and should be certainly mentioned in the list of best hotels in Hiroshima. This three-star hotel is an ideal solution for those, who want to stay in the truly Japanese hotel, which looks other, than just a concrete rectangular building. Besides, the visitors, who are willing to fully experience that traditionally Japanese way of life, may book a room with tatami on the floor.

hiroshima_hotels7If you would rather stick to the traditional way of sleeping, there is a variety of Western rooms, furnished in the common for us way. This is truly one of unique hotels to stay in Hiroshima. Book online, call their hot line or simply e-mail with the reservation request, and you will get a call-back from the hotel representative.

hiroshima_hotels8This is one of very few hotels in Hiroshima, which features multi-storey construction and still offers those traditionally Japanese woven-straw floors in some rooms. Location of the Kokusai hotel is also very convenient:

  • Only 60 minutes away from the airport (by car);
  • Around 10 minutes away from the Memorial Park (walk).

Toyoko Inn Ohashi-Minami

The main benefit of this three-star hotel is its positioning. Located right in the heart of this Japanese city, it is one of the most popular Hiroshima hotels. If you stay here, you will live only 10 minutes away from the A-Bomb Dome and the Memorial museum. And the Hiroshima Castle will be only 7 minutes away. It is only three minute walk away from the main railway station of Hiroshima. Book online, call their toll-free number or e-mail the helpdesk, and you will be able to check on the room availability.

hiroshima_hotels9The available hotel services include:

  • Massage;
  • Laundry services;
  • Laptops for rent;
  • Bar in the lobby.

hiroshima_hotels10This is one of such hotels in Hiroshima, Japan, which combines excellent quality with fair price for accommodation, and is located right in the center of the city.

International Youth House JMS Aster Plaza

One of very good hotels in Hiroshima is International Youth House JMS Aster Plaza. It is rated only at three stars, but is a really convenient place to stay for this money. Of course, it is not considered as Hiroshima cheap accommodation, but prices here in average are around $50 per room. The hotel is located very close to the key sights of Hiroshima.

hiroshima_hotels11Book the place by means of online services or send an e-mail, and the toll-free phone number is available for booking as well. It is fair to say, that rooms in hotels in Hiroshima, Japan, should be booked in advance. Since, the city is extremely popular among the international tourists and Japanese travelers, especially for the time of local festivals and days of memorial parades and prays.

hiroshima_hotels12So, what are the benefits of choosing International Youth House JMS Aster Plaza among all the hotels in Hiroshima available? First, the location of the hotel. It is only five minutes away from the main Park of the city. Next, the hotel is valued due to its moderate prices and good cervices for the money. Third, the city car stop is only 5 minutes away from the entrance! The hotel offers both modern western and traditional Asian apartments. Every room comes equipped with everything needed to take a shower, including bath clothes.

Regalo Hotel Hiroshima

This is one of the three-star hotels in Hiroshima, which is worth being paid attention at. It is only two minutes away from the city car stop, and is a very nice place to stay in Hiroshima. Book the apartment by calling the toll-free number or make a reservation online to book a room.

In this hotel you will not only find everything, which has to be in an apartment, rated at three stars. Also here you will be offered to wear that traditional “yukata” suite, which is normally worn by the local citizens in Japan. Every room has its own bathroom, flat-screened TV and free Wi-Fi access.

From this hotel you may easily get to the key places to visit in Hiroshima, Japan. If you are willing to get closer to the nuclear past of this Japanese city, you may get to the Memorial park in just 15 minutes, and the Memorial Museum is around 10 minutes away.

hiroshima_hotels14For extra cost, visitors may rent laptops, buy some soft drink in the machines or order traditional Japanese massage right in the suite.

Hotel New Yorishiro

If you need a considerably inexpensive room right in the heart of this Japanese city, we offer considering Hotel New Yorishiro. This is a two-star hotel with basic rooms, but it is located right in the center. The building features modest façade, but it is one of popular hotels (Hiroshima). It is valued due to excellent cuisine and good location, right in the center of the city, only 15 minutes away from the Peace Memorial. It is a great way out, if you need a cheap accommodation (Hiroshima).hiroshima_hotels15

Kasuga Ryokan

This is a great place to stop for just one night. The main drawback is common bathroom. It is one of those traditional, small and cheap hotels Hiroshima has got. The rooms feature traditional Japanese beds, and tatami on the floor. The definite benefit of this hotel is location in the center, only 7 minutes away from the railway, and 5 minutes away from the A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima. Book an apartment here and pay only $40 for the apartment.hiroshima_hotels16

Kyobashi Ryokan

Kyobashi Ryokan is another modest hotel right in the center of the city, and it features traditionally Japanese interior. The place will be a great choice for those, who do not care much on where they will sleep, as some travelers want to spend more on sights, than on the place they live in. If that is about you, Kyobashi is one of hotels (Hiroshima) you need. Location in the center will help you easily get to the sight you want to see, and prices will not hit the bank.hiroshima_hotels17

Hotel Hagoromo

This place is a great option to stay for a person, who is not concerned about luxury, but would rather feel the spirit of the country he or she visits. This is a one-star hotel, located very close to the Memorial park. You will adore its simple yet traditional interiors, distinctive Japanese exterior and exclusively tasty dishes, offered at extra cost.hiroshima_hotels18

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