(MOBI) When You Love a Functional Alcoholic

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      When You Love a Functional Alcoholic
      by William F. Kraft

      When You Love a Functional Alcoholic — Read More

      • Format: paperback, 164 pages
      • Release date: January 3, 2011
      • Language: english
      • Publisher: Paulist Press
      • ISBN: 9780809146796 (0809146797)
      • Author: William F. Kraft

      About The Book

      Although many of us think that most alcoholics are dysfunctional and blatantly disruptive, the truth is that most alcoholics function relatively well particularly in the public domain. In private, however, a different story unfolds, one that violates family harmony and intimacy. Because functional alcoholics are clever and avoid public disruption, people seldom understand and help those involved with a functional alcoholic. If you care about a less recognized alcoholic, this book will help you. The book’s focus is on us rather than them because we cannot make anyone healthy. We can only change ourselves, and thereby help our loved ones become sober. To that end, the author discusses what and who is a functional alcoholic, its impact on us, how we can sincerely hinder our loved one’s recovery, how to learn principles and strategies to help and improve ourselves and loved ones, and how to use biopsychosocial skills and spiritual resources to be free and serene, regardless of what happens. As a psychologist, Dr. Kraft emphasizes the practical value of our Higher Power. Since he is not a theologian, he does not include religious traditions magisterial teachings, or theologies. He uses the word God to refer to the Greater and Inclusive Power of Uncreated Love. We will see how we become weaker, more vulnerable, and less effective when we exclude or forget our Higher Power — God. In short, we will learn to come to the saving and sustaining source of recovery, always for ourselves, and often for our loved ones. -Emphasis is on caring about functional alcoholics rather than the more recognized and treated dysfunctional ones -The only book that has functional in its title -Integrates and applies psychology and spirituality, including God -Shows the practical value of a Higher Power or God from a psychological viewpoint. -Unique in explaining how we can avoid overlooking and learn to help the functional alcoholic

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